Unbreaking a broken digital world – the Dhiway rebrand story

Unbreaking a broken digital world

Dhiway is abuzz this week.

We have all been excited, nervous, pumped, and more. Who knew a rebrand would have this effect? But before this turns into a gushy session, let us take you through all the fun parts.

How it all started!

Sometime last year, we were working on creating new offerings, launching version 2 of our Blockchain (The fastest, most scalable blockchain in town – a humble brag?) and our new wallet application.

And as we were juggling all this, one of the founders said out loud ‘How do we really make our clients understand all this?’ Not everyone understands tech. And honestly, we were very close to our work – read ‘really really close’. And why not, it was our baby. But now it was time to bring in a sounding board. Enter Small Town Folk (STF) – the design agency we worked on the rebrand with.

Digging deeper than deep tech

Although we all knew what we did at Dhiway, it was not articulated in a common language. So STF and us did several workshops to answer numerous questions related to our business, our offerings, and even the most existential question – our why?

But every time we started, we came up with too many answers. All of us had the same sentiment but a different articulation.

“Maybe we should just document the building blocks” – said a team member. So we locked ourselves in a room and just started whiteboarding.

Finally ending up with this. Some documentation this …. phew!

Digging deeper than deep tech

The clarity of putting something down on paper can’t be underestimated. We understood the relationship between Dhiway, Cord & Mark. A proper brand architecture was now ready.

And now back to the big one – The Why?

“At the end of your life, what fundamental impact would you have made on this world?”

This powerful question got the most passion out of us. Someone said ‘Dhiway would be fundamental to our lives’ others said ‘Dhiway will put power back in the hands of the people’. And then the aha moment – ‘Dhiway would make the digital world comparable to or better than the current physical world’

Hold on…. this is interesting. So this meant

  • The current digital world is not comparable to the physical world
  • Which meant that there is mistrust in the current digital world
  • This translates to – the current digital world in its current form is broken

And voila our brand purpose

Brand purpose

Swiftly moving on to The How

By now it was very clear what we were solving for.

  • Dhiway is about friction-free interactions
  • Dhiway is about population-scale technology
  • Dhiway is about collaborations
  • Dhiway is about ever-adaptive solutions

We needed a single narrative that tied it all together. Easy right? 😉

Introducing Dhiway’s brand promise…. (Drum rolls)

“Reshaping the digital world”

At first glance, it seemed right. We shared it with our existing investors & select people in our ecosystem. It seemed right to them as well.

Did we just crack our narrative? I think we did. Clap Clap

Wait…..there’s more – A new brand identity?

You know those conversations that rain on your parade? Ours goes something like this.

“What about the logo?”

“The logo? What about it?”

“You do know the logo talks about our Mark Studio & verification story, don’t you? Shouldn’t the logo reflect our new brand narrative”

Unfortunately, this was true. Our identity was designed when we launched MarkStudio. And that’s when it dawned on us.

We were only half there!

Head over to the second part of the blog to read how we went about cracking Dhiway’s new brand language.

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