Start building your application on Sparknet

Start building your application on Sparknet

Dhiway has powered ON Sparknet, intending to enable developers with a platform to experiment with and build natively Web 3.0-ready applications.

Sparknet is built from the ground up using CORD. The project design is biased towards enabling modularity, decentralized governance, security and scalability. On Sparknet, developers can get the opportunity to build applications which leverage the key features.

  • Unique persistent cryptographic identifiers to better manage the representation of off-chain data. These persistent identifiers can help track the modifications to a diverse set of data objects, thus addressing some of the shortcomings of using hash-based systems.
  • On-chain delegations to enable the creation of delegation hierarchies for authorization and coordinated decision-making.
  • Creating dynamic data registries allows applications to build authenticated data sources, including collections of identifiers and data schemas.

CORD also introduces additional technological innovations that enhance trust in data exchange over the network. These include verifiable attributes, auditable history, and a comprehensive stack featuring tiered transactions, delegations, authorizations, and governance. The persistent identifiers available on CORD enable long-term verifiability, a requirement for sectors like supply chain management, healthcare, IP management, notarization services, public sector services and other systems where the capability to independently verify the integrity and authenticity of data over extended periods is crucial. 

The Sparknet is designed to provide a fully functional sandbox for application development. It comprises different types of nodes – boot node, full node, validator node and archive node. Today, the CORD project has pre-built binaries available, which can be used to get started quickly view documentation. Coming up – machine instances will be made available to reduce the time required for setting up a node and attaching it to a running network.

The CORD project and Sparknet have been designed to offer an improved experience of blockchain technology specifically for applications which need high scalability and throughput. Applications on Sparknet can be designed around the W3C Verifiable Credentials (VCs) and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) for use cases such as identity verification flows, data sharing and data exchange needs and controlling access to services.

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