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Join the movement for safe, secure digital transactions.


Be absolutely certain about the QR you scan!

Digital transactions are so easy with a QR code. Point your phone at a QR code; scan and you are ready to go.

Always Free!

Dhiway's SEQR mobile app is free to use and will be your guide to scan a QR code!

Privacy Respecting

SEQR app does not need any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to work. So you can safely scan any QR without the feeling of somebody looking over your shoulder.

Scan Quick & Easy

SEQR takes care to stay out of the way, while you interact with the QR quickly and easily.

Security & Convenience

SEQR runs a number of security checks on the content decoded from the QR Code to provide advisories.

With the SEQR app, now you can.

  QR Code Scanner

  • A fast and accurate QR Code scanner
  • Analyses decoded content in near real time
  • Provides advisories to help you act
  • 1-step action to use calendar invites, business cards, maps and more.

   Security Advisories

  • Runs a number of security checks on the decoded content.
  • Flags malware, phishing links, incorrectly configured websites.
  • Provides advisories on potentially risky URLs and content

  Activity Log

  • Stores the results of QR Code scans locally in your mobile
  • You can search for the content you have scanned in the past
  • Provides you some context on where and what did you scan the QR Code for

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