Reshaping the brand language – the Dhiway rebrand story

Reshaping the brand language - the Dhiway rebrand story.

When we last left off, Dhiway had a new narrative but the same identity. We were only half there! Let us unfold the rest of this rebrand story….. see you on the flip side (Wink wink).

Out with the old, in with the new?

Rewind the clock by three years! When we embarked on our Dhiway journey, all we cared about was verification. But things have changed! Our story has grown broader.

It’s like showing up to the office in your cricket gear. Something just feels off. We realized we needed the right attire to look the part.

Our path to design was clear

  • We need to shed our startup vibes and embrace the look of a serious tech player. Think established, timeless, with a touch of class.
  • The visuals need to match our personality – We are bold, authentic, thorough, rational & dependable

Visualizing Dhiway 2.0

What does ‘reshaping the digital future’ look like? Could it be a majestic rising sun, or perhaps a precious pearl tucked away in an oyster, or maybe an animal that shakes up its entire ecosystem? The ideas were flowing during our brand creation process.

But then, someone chimed in, saying, “What if it’s all about turning over a new page?” Intriguing, we thought. It sounded simple, yet held a profound meaning. It also had a visual element that excited our creative senses!

But the kicker: it fit perfectly into our brand story.

‘Turning the page’ going once, twice, thrice. Sold. We had our visual concept.

Visualizing Dhiway 2.0

Concept note

In a world rampant with data breaches and digital clutter, we find our trust and convictions often being put to the test. It has become the need of the hour to begin a fresh chapter, to turn over a new leaf. Dhiway is here to drive change, and belief and open doors to a new world.

Achieving certainty in the digital world is no longer a far-off dream. With Dhiway, it’s just the turn of a page.

A living brand is always a work in progress

Introducing Dhiway 2.0

The Dhiway identity visualizes the story of ‘Reshaping the digital future’, about creating a better digital world. The identity boasts three essential elements

  1. Circle: A powerful symbol embodying a better digital world
  2. The Fold: A bold depiction of the transformative path from darkness to light
  3. The ‘W’: The dynamic slant of the ‘w’ symbolizes forward movement (We are ‘reshaping’ the digital future & not just ‘reshape’ the digital future)

On a side note:

We actually had three different design approaches in mind, and we were leaning towards going with something completely different. You know what changed our minds? During the Dhiway Townhall, someone said, ‘I really miss that tilted W from approach 2.’ And that statement made us pause and reflect. Looking back, it’s pretty funny how we were drawn to the ‘Turning the page’ approach, but we reluctantly chose a different one. We genuinely think that these unexpected twists are where the real fun happens.”

Redesigning a cohesive visual language

Building from our identity, the new visual language needed to portray a forward-looking tech company while conveying our brand narrative.

We did this through 3 main components

1. Colour system

Most tech and blockchain companies have the usual visual tropes of blues & blacks. For us, the opportunity lay in ‘purple’ and ‘yellow’ basis of our competitive research.

Our colour pallets give Dhiway a fresh new look while not letting go of our bold yet dependable image. The balance between solid and gradient palettes communicates the confidence of a well-established ecosystem while retaining a timeless appeal.

Additionally, the gradients act as a visual representation of frictionless interactions; dipicting a smooth flow of data.

2. Typography

Our brand typeface, Aeonik, complements our colour systems by embodying our brand’s personality while maintaining a sense of boldness and dependability. A meticulously crafted and versatile typeface, its extensive range of styles and characters makes it ideal for creating a timeless brand identity. Aeonik is ideal for large & small sizes; something that is essential for the ecosystem we deal in.

3. Circle

Our core visual element represents a better digital world. This is widely used in most of our creative expressions and is the center of our brand.

Extending beyond Dhiway

Taking inspiration from our parent brand, our offerings embrace the central element of the fold. This deliberate design choice establishes a cohesive and harmonious visual language that unifies our entire product family.

Finally…….making the brand live

And here we are, bursting with excitement! On June 7th, 2023, we proudly unveiled our brand to the world. We had a blast teasing the launch with cryptic messages on our social media platforms.

That’s the end of our rebranding adventure. We hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Of course, we don’t have everything perfectly figured out just yet. We know we have a long road ahead of us, but we also know we’re heading in the right direction.

To dive deeper into what we do, check out our new website at dhiway.com

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