Mobile-Friendly Digital Credentials – and Why They’re Important

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The number of smartphone subscriptions worldwide today surpasses 6 billion and is forecast to further grow by several hundred million in the next few years.

India’s smartphone market is set to hit a record high of 173 million units in 2021. It is also growing at 14 per cent year-on-year, according to research.

The increased number of smartphone usage has trickled down to every industry. Coupled with the pandemic and distance learning, education is an industry that has seen tremendous growth in the usage of mobile phones for learning. According to reports, 80-90% of older students admitted to using mobiles rather than laptops to access digital schooling during the pandemic.

In the light of such staggering statistics, it would be remiss to not address a big gap in the higher education systems – mobile-friendly digital credentials. While many higher education institutes now provide a view of timetables, results, and other administrative activities online to students, hardly any institutes provide verifiable, authentic, and digitally secure mobile-friendly credentials.

Let us have a look at why mobile-friendly digital credentials are important:

Why are Mobile-Friendly Credentials Important?

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There are many reasons students need to be able to verify their credentials while on the go:

  • Evidence of ID or admit card for online or on-site use
  • Proof of experience or knowledge in a job interview
  • Evidence of involvement with a particular event, conference or seminar

Verification of these credentials would normally require the recipient to produce a physical document such as a certificate or a badge. These documents can be expensive and time-consuming for issuing organizations to produce, not to mention the factor that physical credentials also carry certain risks such as:

  • Easy to misplace, lose, or forget
  • Are perishable in case of paper credentials
  • Recipients can’t start working until it’s in hand
  • Expired credentials are difficult to revoke, which causes fraud concerns
  • Lost documents and corrections require reprints, which are time consuming

To most people, a smartphone is the most accessible device, even over a laptop, tablet, or desktop. Providing learners with digital credentials can ensure that they can always access them at a moment’s notice, whenever required.

Not only does this arm the recipients with ready to authenticate credentials on-the-go but also gives them a sense of security when they are issued by a safe and tamper-proof credential provider.

#MARKs – Easily Verifiable Credentials On-The-Go

#MARK Studio by Dhiway provides a range of credentials for students which are portable and can be accessed with a click of a button. From digital certificates to student IDs, admit cards, and badges, #MARKs save the hassle of printing physical credentials. Recipients can access multiple #MARK inscribed documents and produce the right credential at the right time without having to browse through busy inboxes or bookmarked links.

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Credential storage for mobile devices is available on both Apple and Android smartphones. This enables recipients to provide evidence of their active and valid credentials as and when asked.

#MARKs are distinct, unique, and customisable to let organisations control the appearance of their #MARKs. This is a great way to reinforce the legitimacy of the organisation’s credentials and provide a seamless, branded experience.


Both issuers and recipients benefit from portable mobile credentials on smartphone devices.

For recipients, mobile credentials offer easy-to-produce:

  • Evidence of skills or qualifications for eligibility
  • Proof of knowledge, experience, or skills for job interviews
  • Evidence of involvement with a notable event (conference speaker, event

For issuers, the benefits of mobile-friendly digital credentials ensure their credentials are:

  • Easy to view and verify
  • Cost and time-effective to produce
  • Easy to revoke and expire

Want to know why #MARK Studio is the solution you were waiting for? Read more on how you can use it in the education sector here.

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