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Transform credentialing with #MARK Studio


Credentials for all your needs. From Participation Certificates, Product Details, Coupon Codes, Identity Cards, Badges Meeting Invites, Documents to URLs.


The processes of issuance, notification and tracking of credentials. Manage it all on the #MARK Studio dashboard.


All your credentials in one place. Edit, revoke, reissue and verify credentials in real time. Choose an expiration date or make them single use.


#MARKs with #MARK Studio and make them unique. Add your organization’s logo, watermarks or images.


Your digital assets. Created on the CORD blockchain, credentials once issued are sealed and cannot be tampered with.


All your information. We secure your sensitive data and assets while giving you full control of the ownership.

Only 4 steps to utilise the full power of
#MARK Studio

Create your Account

Design Your Credentials

Issue Credentials

Analyse & Optimize

Who benefits from #MARKs?


The authority issuing the credentials can rely on #MARKs to protect its reputation and enable trust among its community.


Credential holders can be assured knowing they are irrefutably protected with #MARKs without having to rely on any third party.


Third-party verifiers can benefit from the fast and fool-proof #MARK solution, which will significantly reduce the costs and time of the verification process.


Leverage the full power of the #MARK for a range of industries.





e - Commerce

Digital Governance

#MARK Studio recommends SEQR for the best experience.

Dhiway’s SEQR mobile app is free to use. Download the app and get benefits like:

Privacy: Safely scan any QR code without sharing your
Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Security: SEQR runs a number of security checks on the content decoded from the QR Code for your safety.

Convenience: SEQR works in the background while you
interact with the QR quickly and easily.

Download SEQR from App Store
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