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Dhiway’s enterprise-ready application to create and share #MARKs

The Studio has everything you need to get started with #MARKs – our secure, portable and tamper-evident trust marks anchored in Blockchain.

Mark studio

Better than any QR code

#MARKs are instantly verifiable and multi-layered making them perfect for authentication, track and trace, marketing analytics and customer engagement. #MARKs are more versatile than QR codes.

#MARK Everywhere

#MARKs are multipurpose and valuable across a wide range of enterprises and government-citizen services.



Issue instantly verifiable Digital Certificates, Transcripts, IDs and Badges. Empower students. Fight forgery.


Packaged Goods

#MARKs on products and packaging to establish provenance, fight counterfeits and engage with customers

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Definitive information and directory registries. Identify verification & skill
verification. Document provenance.

Coming soon

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Establish authenticity and origin of pharma products. Facilitate tracking. Inform and safe guard patients’ interests.

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Track and trace journey of goods.
Enhance transparency and efficiency
in supply chain.

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Data provenance, Origin traceability, Credentials for food safety and authenticity, Intellectual property tracking.

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#MARK for Absolute Certainty

“Tamper-proof and instantly verifiable issuer
identity, content and status”

Engagement and Analytics

Rich input data streams for BI and analytics engines for creating accurate models and forecasts.

Digital transformation

Building of digital inventory and conversion of physical assets into connected, smart event- aware digital imprints. Layering of actionable intelligence around trackable #MARK.

Secure and tamper-proof

Created from immutable records on the CORD blockchain makes #MARK secure and resistant to tampering and forgery.

Multi-purpose and portable

Print them, publish them digitally or include into packaging - #MARKs are multi-purpose. Present secure, authentic, verifiable data to customers.

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500 unique #Marks
10,000 scans per year
2GB storage
Single user

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Everything in starter, plus


#MARK is a secure, portable and tamper-proof digital watermark developed by Dhiway. A variety of information can be represented by #MARK and on scanning the #MARK, you can be sure of the provenance.

#MARKs are durable and anchored on Dhiway's CORD platform for a lifetime. The status of a #MARK can be changed by the creator/issuer eg. a #MARK can be deactivated. You can use our SEQR app to scan a #MARK and view additional information.

The Starter plan enables users with curated set of designs. Soon, we will enable ways for users to design their own #MARKs.

We have introduced the Starter Plan which helps you get started with #MARKs for free. Please read the terms and conditions of the plan carefully.

#MARKs are secure and tamper-evident. Your access to #MARK Studio is managed through the email address you provide to receive the 'magic link'. Please follow best practices while securing access to your email account.

At this moment we recommend using a standard web browser on a laptop/desktop to access and use #MARK Studio.

#MARK Studio uses a 'magic link' to handle account management. By providing the email you used to create the account, you will receive a way to log in to your account.

We are working on making available a template designer to be integrated into #MARK Studio. Currently ,you can reach out to us using the feedback form and if it is possible we will add a new template.

Thank you for your interest in

Do feel free to open an account on www.studio.dhiway.com and start creating #MARKs for free or wait for one of us to reach out to you to walk you through the Studio or to answer your queries.