Design & issue verifiable documents using MARK Studio

With MARK Studio everyone can design and issue verifiable documents anchored on the CORD blockchain.

Trusted by industry leaders.

Easiest way to manage blockchain anchored verifiable documents

Our customers use the credential lifecycle management platform to add, issue, edit and revoke records - from one place

Design a

Design certificates and more with our new Designer tool. Create high-quality print-ready PDF output in landscape or portrait orientation.

Manage digital assets like brand logo, images and backgrounds for reuse by the entire team

Upload bulk data
and issue 1000's of credentials at one go

Simply create a space, import CSV or XML data file and issue credentials.

Be it 1 or 5000 credentials, It just takes 4 sec to anchor them on blockchain. The holder receives the verifiable credential instantly to their mail ID.

Group 22624

Add assets and background

Customise your certificates with your design assets and background.

We also give you preloaded designs to play with

Group 22623

Upload your
data set

Credentials for all your needs. from Participation Certificates, Workplace Documents, Identity Cards, Badges, Invoice, Product Details and much more.

Simply upload CSV or XML file and issue 1000s of credentials at one go.

Group 22625

Brand logos
and signature

Upload brand logo, and digital signature. your team can reuse the same brand assets in future designs.

You can also customize #MARK patterns and colours with custom logo at the centre of the #MARK.

Group 22544
Group 22579
Group 22546
Path 56164

Scan the #MARK to verify the record

Use the stock camera on
Android or iOS to scan
and verify the record

Coming soon

Digital wallet from Dhiway
for verifiable credentials.

Manage all your organization issued
records at one place

Choose from a range of plans designed to meet the needs of your organization.


Get started with test network for free.


“Getting Started” Plan with credentials on CORD.

Design, issue and manage the lifecycle of verifiable credentials.

Recommended for non-production requirements.

Single issuer account for the organization.


I issue upto 100 credential per month.


per month

Credential Designer with 60+ pre-built templates for credentials.

Dashboards, analytics and more.

Custom messaging capabilities

100 unique credentials per month.


I issue upto 500 credential per month.


per month

Credential Designer with 60+ pre-built templates for credentials.

Dashboards, analytics and more

Custom messaging capabilities.

500 unique credentials per month.


High volume of credentials with software integration.

Customized Plans based on projects.

Everything in Standard package.

Customized Plans based on need.

API integration with third-party software.

Premium Support package.

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