Lifelong credentials with #MARK Studio by Dhiway

Adoption of digital credentials

Over 2000 organizations that use #MARK Studio to issue and manage digital credentials started their journey because of the value propositions such as automation of credentialing workflows, better data management, ease of operations, marketing and branding capabilities and social sharing. And while each of these organizations started with a certificate as a digital credential, the variety of use cases for digital credentials across industries and critical sectors have contributed to the rapid adoption of robust credentialing programs.

#MARK Studio for credentialing

Today, #MARK Studio is the chosen credentialing platform for corporate training organizations, professional bodies and associations, professional certification agencies, higher education institutes, skilling and professional development organizations and learning experience platforms. The organizations use available templates to design and build their credentials and manage them through the entire lifecycle of issuance and management.

Features and Capabilities

A verifiable credential on #MARK Studio is a secure, portable and tamper-resistant digital representation of an accomplishment in real life. The credentials are anchored on the CORD blockchain. These credentials can represent participation in a workshop, the completion of a course, the successful completion of a lesson plan or even attendance at an event. Templates like certificates, badges, event pass and skilling credentials allow issuing organisations to look at the journey with a learner from the perspective of recognizing and rewarding the participation. This is a game-changing difference from the current models of credentialing and digital credentialing platforms such as #MARK Studio. By reducing the friction, labour and expense required to recognize an achievement, #MARK Studio opens up new avenues by which the lifelong learning and skill development paths can be documented using verifiable credentials.

Professional Development Use Case for Credentials

Consider an organization chartered to create skilling and professional development pathways for professionals such as educators. During a calendar year, these pathways will include creating learning modules, workshops, project assignments, in-person and offline training sessions, mentoring opportunities and more. Each activity is designed to build skills and test the application of the knowledge in different situations. As a learner progresses through these activities, there is a need to have a persistent record of acclaim that can be easily shared and verified in real time with a high degree of assurance. And when new acclaim is acquired, those should also be available to provide a comprehensive perspective of the skills and knowledge. Digitally verifiable credentials help meet these requirements through a modular representation of achievements as certificates, badges and micro-credentials. Instant social sharing builds credibility and recognition among peers creating a virtuous feedback cycle that encourages the learner.

Third-party app integration

#MARK Studio allows easy integration with third-party systems such as learning management systems (LMS) and ERP/CRM systems, allowing organizations to scale out the credentialing processes quickly and efficiently. This design thinking reduces the creation of silos of enrolment and learner data. Instead, it leverages the richly designed APIs to complete the issuance of digitally verifiable credentials at large volumes as required.


Durable digital credentials with verifiable #MARKs empower the holders to discover more opportunities to compose and present their accomplishments. Recently, the concept of a “digital resume” has attracted attention from skilling organizations. The modularity of lifelong credentials on #MARK Studio enables the fluidity in building resumes that align with the specific employment or growth opportunities requirements. This makes the process of engagement with such opportunities easier and less cumbersome.

To start the lifelong credentialing journey with #MARK Studio, sign-up at https://studio.dhiway.com

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