Uses of #MARKs in the Education Sector

HashMark Studio for the Education Sector

With technology being used increasingly in multiple industries to ease the manual load on employees and teachers, the use of the QR Codes in the education sector has become a tool to ensure security, trust and avoid counterfeiting.

But what if we told you there was a more secure, accountable and trustworthy alternative?

Meet the #MARK, the more powerful version of the QR code. It can do more than a QR code for educational credentials – in a better, safer, and more transparent way.

The possibilities with the #MARK are endless. Let us look at some key capabilities #MARKs offer.

Digitize and Tamper-proof Records

Create, issue and share high value documents securely.

With #MARK studio, you can access all records at the click of a button.

Issuing organisations can use #MARK Studio to manage and administer credentials. From student certificates, identity/visiting cards, documents and URLs, you have them all in one place. The best part? With each #MARK secured on the CORD blockchain, these credentials are tamper-proof.

Reduce Verification Time and Effort

#MARK Studio brings with it the reality to verify documents in real-time.

Therefore, #MARKs make it easier for players in the education sector to create, issue and share high-value documents (eg. learner records, certificates, transcripts) in a secure and authentication ready manner – which makes verification in real-time a reality.

The #MARKs affixed to the content help the recipients to enhance their ability to share these records and reduce the time spent on verification.

Cut Down on Administrative Costs and Manual Processing Errors

With the usage of #MARKs, paper credentials have become a thing of the past. Reduce the number of administrative resources spent on manual processing of documents with #MARKs bulk upload ability to do it for you – faster and quicker.

Eliminate Counterfeiting and Forgery

Sit back and relax while #MARKs ensure protection against document forgery and counterfeiting. The blockchain backing will make sure that any document with a #MARK is always safe and protected against any threats.

Enhance Institutional Reputation

Become a commended name in the education sector by offering secure experiences to students and partner institutes. Use the shield of the #MARK to give the best experience to your stakeholders.

Establish life-long Connections with Credential Holders

A #MARK stamp means lifelong security. Build trustworthy relationships with institutions and students by providing them with a bond that can never be broken – literally.

Use Scan Based Analytics for Better Marketing and PR

Track performance, downloads, activities, views, and more with #MARKs. Do the most by accessing analytics and reports that can measure your success.

QR Code and Counterfeiting in the Education Sector

Eliminate counterfeiting and forgery by in the Education sector.

Since the education sector has shifted to online mode, tasks apart from just student learning have also been taken up online. For example, administrative tasks like issuing of marksheets, distribution of timetables, and releasing of results online are now a common practice in colleges catering to higher education.

But when you work on digital platforms, it comes with digital risk. This is why the issuance of fake certificates, certificate counterfeiting, and duplication is also rising. This has multiple negative effects. It brings disrepute to the issuing institute along with the students who are a part of these institutes. Such an occurrence can have major, lifelong ramifications for universities and colleges involved in such a controversy as they are an integral part of the whole setup.

The university or college is not to blame in a scenario like this but rather poor security practices, little to no foolproof methods of authentication and a lack of a secured vaulted system against counterfeiting are the real culprits.

The only real solution? Verifiability.

Due to the mounting numbers of frauds in documents and educational certificates, the need for verifiability has increased. In order to control certificate counterfeiting, #MARKs are one of the best certificate verification solutions.

Why should you use #MARKs for Educational Credentials

Building Trust

Authenticity is the first step on the way to building trust. If you as an institute are issuing educational certificates, your reputation is at risk in case of any duplication or counterfeiting. For instance, a single fake certificate can disrupt your supply chain and cause students to lose faith in the institute. To clarify, certificate counterfeiting cannot be controlled unless you opt for a digital solution.

#MARKs act as first-line warriors against fake certification and are the means to secure the name of your institute.

Track and Trace

In addition to verifiability, #MARKs give the issuing body the capability to track and trace any educational certificate digitally and makes digital and remote validation a reality. Consequently, this validation keeps the awarding bodies, certificate holders, and third-party users updated. They can access validation, or expiry information just by a single scan.

Easy to Use

#MARKs are one of the easiest and most secure tech solutions to operate. As a result, they are easy to integrate into the current document issuing systems to ensure no certificate counterfeiting, and their operation needs only a basic mobile scanner. For instance, if a student or an issuing body needs to get a certificate verified, they can easily scan the QR code and get access to its authenticity. It can also validate and verify the license of the certificate issuing body.

Prolonged Security

Once you issue an educational certificate with a #MARK, it is secured for a lifetime. For each certificate – the QR code is unique, secured on the CORD blockchain, and cannot be cloned. As a result, this prevents forgery. The whole data remains intact and can be accessed online anytime accordingly.

Low Maintenance and Cost-Effective

Reduce time and resources spent on manual processing.

#MARKs are a cost-effective tech solution for preventing counterfeiting. Their user-friendly and low maintenance nature (as covered in the point above) makes it an ideal solution to employ on a small or large scale.

Read more about the tech stack working in the background of #MARKs. Interested in starting your journey with #MARKs? Sign up now!

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