Getting started with verifiable credentials

Have you been reading about digitally verifiable credentials and wanted to know more about them? Are you interested in digitally verifiable credentials but do not know how to get started? Well, then, you are at the right place – this blog post is all about getting started with verifiable credentials and seeing how they change how credentialing is done.

Credentialing is a simple enough workflow we all understand – an organisation issues the credentials to a recipient. In turn, the recipient can present, share or exchange the credentials to seek new opportunities, services and other things. Today, along with printed credentials, there are digital credentials as well – these are often in PDF and can be easily stored and exchanged. Verifiable credentials improve this workflow – they are secure, tamper-evident data representations that help anyone verify the credentials’ issuer and authenticity.

MARK Studio from Dhiway is a credential lifecycle management platform which empowers issuers to design, issue and manage verifiable documents as blockchain-anchored credentials. Including the blockchain as a system of record leads to immutable records, and thus these are tamper-evident. With MARK Studio, anyone can create certificates online and quickly issue them through well-thought-out steps. Transitioning from traditional print-ready credentialing flows to blockchain credentials could be daunting. So, MARK Studio has a Free plan to try out the workflows before committing to adoption. You can sign up to FREE PLAN and get started. The videos on our YouTube channel can help you build and issue your first verifiable credential.

MARK Studio comes “batteries included” with over 60 templates and designs to choose from when creating Learning and Education Records (LERs), Skilling and Knowledge Records and Workplace Experience Records. Starting the credentialing journey with MARK Studio ensures that while you get a feel for verifiable credentials, you look at all kinds of records and data that need provenance – and you are soon on your way to verifiable documents. The verifiable documents issued on MARK Studio help reduce the risk of data abuse and thus add value to your data governance strategies. With secure blockchain-anchored credentials now readily available, you can even look at needs such as temporary passes, event passes and IDs to be designed and issued on MARK Studio.

Verifiable credentials on the CORD network blockchain enable recipients to request, receive, store and exchange a whole set of documents they collect as a learner and in their professional roles. The ease of machine verification, data security and integrity, and combining various sets of credentials into a need-based verifiable document (a “digital resume”) makes it a compelling proposition for all key stakeholders – the issuer, the verifier and the recipient. Today, many organisations are switching to blockchain-anchored verifiable credentials with MARK Studio – sign up and try it out for yourself.

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You can get started with a free account on MARK Studio to issue test credentials.

Join us to be future ready  

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You can get started with a free account on MARK Studio to issue test credentials. Our team will respond to your expression of interest.