Dhiway Announces #MARK Studio for Secure, Portable and Tamper-Evident #MARKs

HashMark Studio - Blockchain Secured Digital Credentials

Bengaluru based Dhiway Networks has been involved in the design, development and marketing of innovative approaches to addressing the topic of tamper-evident digital watermarks for all kinds of objects. Today Dhiway announces the general availability of the design studio #MARK Studio which helps individuals and organizations to create tamper-evident watermarks using #MARKs.

This release of #MARK Studio also includes a ‘Starter Plan’ which is free to use for anyone. Users can create up to 500 unique tamper-evident trust marks for their records, products, posters, credentials – any kind of data which requires provenance.

“The #MARK Studio Starter Plan is a great way to begin the process of digital transformation using open standards-based components. At Dhiway we see this as the next wave of business requirements as digital exchange and validation of data and metadata becomes key to business processes,” said Pradeep KP, CEO and Co-Founder of Dhiway Networks Pvt Ltd.

#MARKs created using #MARK Studio can be used in any situation where the authenticity and provenance of the object are to be established. For instance, #MARKs can be included in educational transcripts, certificates and credentials; or in retail packaged consumer goods to empower customers to feel confident about the product purchases.

#MARK Studio includes a curated set of templates for a well-scoped set of usage patterns. This enables an account holder to get started with creating unique #MARKs which are anchored to the CORD Platform from Dhiway. 

“Dhiway has designed the CORD platform to be a web3.0 ready system. Organizations benefit from the high modularity and scalability provided by CORD and can include digital trust mark based data exchanges an integral aspect of microservices design. We have a set of APIs and SDK which are focused on developers building application services on CORD.” said Satish Mohan, Founder and CTO of Dhiway Networks Pvt Ltd.

Dhiway has an Enterprise Plan which is priced to the unique needs of high volume requirements and that is also available with this release. With incidents of tampering and fraud around digital credentials on the increase secure systems which demonstrate authenticity and provenance are important to businesses who desire to enhance their interactions with businesses and customers. #MARKs enable an easy way to verify all kinds of digital credentials. Dhiway has updated its SEQR mobile app (available for both Android and iOS) to be capable of scanning #MARKs.

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