Adopting an Authenticated Document Workflow

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Information-centric organisations depend on data for decision making. Tactical and strategic business decisions are built around data processing pipelines that ingest a growing volume of information from multiple sources. In a business environment like this, the switch to authenticated data streams can contribute substantially to the success of a strategy.

What are Authentic Document Workflows?

Authenticated data streams are built from adopting workflows that blend the verifiability of the source of the data along with its origin in the data pipeline. In other words, with this model, the organization has a well-defined way to determine the source of each data stream and validate whether it’s correct.

Additionally, it can check the data stream at any point in time as it flows through the system to determine whether it has been tampered with. The transition from digital to physical also includes the hybrid “phygital” model. In such scenarios, data provenance and authenticity are key to achieving an important set of business objectives, those being:

  • Increased compliance and transparency
  • Enhanced trust
  • Reducing risks and liabilities

How are they beneficial?

Businesses are expected to gain a significant competitive advantage through the adoption of authenticated data stream models which are consequently to identify new revenue streams as well. Data streams and documents which come with digitally verifiable methods to determine origin, authenticity and provenance are critical for industries where the report output is of great importance and are often challenged to demonstrate veracity. These might include financial reports; audit and compliance reports; health records from medical laboratories; or even academic credentials and educational qualifications. Sometimes the unique nature of a product or service eg. natural origin or eco-friendly marks can also be conveyed in a trustworthy manner to an end consumer of the product.

Dhiway – The Ideal Authenticated Document Workflow Solution

Dhiway offers a Data Fabric service built around #MARKs – our standards-based cryptographically secure digital trust marks; #MARK Studio – a web-based application enabling customers to affix and share documents with #MARKs and the CORD blockchain. Dhiway’s mission is to incubate and nurture a digital trust ecosystem where stakeholders and participants can easily raise their confidence in the documents they share by being able to easily demonstrate the provenance.

The rise in the creation of digital assets, especially digital content and documents, makes this the ideal moment to pivot to an authenticated document workflow. By enabling high-security measures, #MARKs from Dhiway provide the correct level of assurance for documents that are exchanged between parties. #MARKs are cost-effective, durable and easy to get started with. And help raise the trust in multi-party transactions over the internet.

Read more on #MARKs here and call us for a demo and discussion on how your business can take advantage of an authenticated document workflow.

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