Build trust ecosystems from real world events.

A new way for you, your partners and customers to build provenance based data archives and experiential contexts. Transact, analyse, process and render data with absolute certainty.

A scalable web3.0 platform enabling transitive trust in the network. With services that exchange data, CORD creates a truly ‘zero trust’ model to business interactions. CORD is the trust layer enabling governments, individuals, and businesses to share resources and deliver hyperconnected services to consumers.

CORD from Dhiway is future-ready. With 4s transaction confirmation time and Proof of Authority consensus model CORD is the secure public permissioned blockchain of choice for enterprise applications.


Helps build scalable applications which depend on immutable content addressing and high transaction throughput requiring cryptographic proof of security.


Microservices across ecosystems can use our APIs to connect with legacy systems and new codebases.

Network of networks

Businesses exist across networks and CORD makes it easy to bring together a diverse set of networks which exchange data with provenance built-in.

Mark studio

A data trust exchange protocol for the new economy. 

Turn physical goods into smart, connected and trackable digital assets. Customized digital watermarks for online and offline Businesses.

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#MARK Studio helps you get set up in no time to build a stream of experiences for your customers. You can now analyze the data to measure impact of experiential marketing. #MARK Studio is available with APIs, templates, analytics and reports for you to easily integrate #MARKs in your workflow.


Your data. Your Choice.

Domain Specific Solution

Digital governance

Digital governance

Definitive information and directory registries, identity authentication, document provenance, skills verification.



Verifiable Individualised Learner Record (ILR), academic credentials, professional certifications, workforce skilling, achievement badges.



Information registries, immutable and access controlled electronic health records (EHR), medical insurance records, verifiable records, health wallet.



Track and Trace, Product origin provenance, Supply chain visibility, Anti-counterfeiting, Verifiable linked records.



Customer loyalty, Single-point customer relationship, Product authenticity, Upselling opportunities.



Data provenance, Origin traceability, Credentials for food safety and authenticity, Intellectual property tracking.

Be absolutely certain about the QR you scan!

Scan any QR code with absolute certainty and engage safely in transactions over the internet. SEQR App warns you against deceptive URLs, misdirections and possible unsafe transactions.

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