Unleash the Power of Digital Credentials

A comprehensive digital credentialing solution to issue, verify and share digital credentials anywhere in the world.

Empower your processes with #MARK Studio

Use #MARK Studio to create and manage our secured trust marks #MARKs.

Speed up your business

Say goodbye to paper credentials &
manual processes. #MARKs will get
your work done in a few clicks.

Suited for paper & digital credentials

Our technology is specially designed to accommodate both paper-based and digital credentials.

Universal and lifelong verification

Be proud issuers and holders of
credentials that are verification ready
and proven trustworthy for life.

#MARKs for all your needs

Create #MARKs for any purpose - Participation Certificates, Product Details, Coupon Codes, Identity cards, Meeting Invites, Documents and URLs.

Strengths of the #MARK

Advanced QR Code

#MARKs are better than QR Codes because they are built for security.

Blockchain Anchored

Benefit from blockchain’s superior security that is virtually impossible to hack.

Trusted & Immutable

#MARKs are trusted by leading organizations and created for a lifetime.

Customizable #MARKs

Stand out with unique #MARKs that are
customizable to your taste.

Want to utilize the full potential of the #MARK?

With #MARK Studio, Dhiway’s enterprise-ready web application, manage #MARK stamped credentials, revoke and edit documents, give them an expiration date or make single-use.

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The Layer 1 blockchain for frictionless data exchange

The CORD blockchain enables digital trust ecosystem around authenticated data exchange. 1000+ organisations leading the transformation using digitally verifiable credentials and high assurance interactions.

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