Build trust ecosystems connected to real world events

A new way for you, your partners and customers to share reliable tamper-proof data for transactions with absolute certainty.

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Be absolutely certain about the QR you scan!

Scan any QR code with absolute certainty and engage safely in transactions over the internet. SEQR App warns you against deceptive URLs, misdirections and possible unsafe transactions.

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Unique, Secure, Verifiable Codes

  • Secure, verifiable QR compliant codes for any kind of data exchange – online and offline.
  • Fine grained control; selective disclosure of information and personalisation for management of data streams and digital assets in transactions with ecosystems
  • Seamless transition from QR systems using #Mark Studio and APIs – create durable #Marks with business intelligence and analytics.


Enterprise grade blockchain designed for economic and transactional scalability

  • Purpose built standards compliant, secure, scalable and interoperable technology infrastructure to enable connect, publish, sharing and consumption of reliable tamper-proof data feeds.
  • Enterprise ready consensus model does not have any cryptocurrency requirements.
  • Usage of Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) enables transactions proofs to be on-chain and participants to retain control over transaction data streams.

Coming soon

#Mark Studio

A rich web application with integrated SDK for creating, publishing, sharing and consuming tamper proof data feeds

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#Mark Studio

  • Rich web application for organization wide digital asset management.
  • Workflow management for verifiable #Marks (grouping, tagging)
  • Analytics and business intelligence insights to study engagement and usage patterns (location, reach).


  • SDK for plug-in to existing digital content pipelines.
  • Dynamic API for seamless integration with CORD – the purpose built blockchain for the enterprise.
  • A range of presentation and response formats – #Mark, short links, JSON, JSON-LD, PDFs and print ready images.

Your Data. Your Choice.

You do not need to share all information to access a service. Now you can better control your privacy and securely disclose only the necessary information. It is your data and you are in control of how to manage the choice to share. Our products and services build privacy and security features into the design so that you can exchange information with the world in absolute certainty.

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